University Community

The University Community

The role of a public university is not only to produce skilled workers in a variety of fields. It is also responsible in disseminating knowledge and expertise for the development of local community.

Its role grows in line with the expertise it has in many areas and it is pertinent for these specialised talents be holistically utilised with the purpose of developing human capital.

Various programmes have been implemented to narrow the gap between the society and university community, which is part of the process to acculturate the university. This is in line with the university's aspiration to culturally modify its being as a public university so its existence is felt and seen, and its voice heard by the people.

As such, UMP has implemented the University Community concept that is aimed at expanding its role in disseminating knowledge and information to help industries to grow as well as improve the peoples' lifestyle.


The Objective of University Community Programme

  • to provide opportunity to UMP denizens to interact and work as a team as well as to instil communal values and ethics
  • to encourage campus denizens to get involve in social organisation especially in non-governmental organisations and
  • to inculcate patriotism and promote the spirit of unity among campus denizens


The List of University Community Programme

  1. Cluster School
  2. School for Adoption
  3. International Network
  4. Innovation and Invention
  5. Human Capital Development
  6. Promoting University and its Expertise
  7. Technology Transfer Programme
  8. Community Service Programme

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