University Community


Volunteerism is the backbone to the development of an organisation or country. Without the high spirit of volunteerism among individuals and groups in an organisation, success will not be able to be efficiently achieved.

As such, this spirit should be instilled among students of institutes of higher learning (IPT) because during this period of their time, they should be exposed to an environment where helpings hands are very much in need and appreciated. This is especially so in a country that is progressing because there will be people who will need some form of assistance.

IPT undergraduates should be impressed on the principle of willingness and inspired to make contributions without asking anything in return. They are encouraged to be sincere doers and be ready to make some sacrifices for the sake of others.

Volunteerism can train undergraduates to do work willingly and forgo any form of returns, and this can help shape them to carry out work in good conscience and give up some pleasures of life when helping others who are in need.

The objectives of volunteerism are:
• to increase awareness on the importance of community above that of oneself
• to build up one's identity when one is involved in volunteer works.

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